About Me

My name is Brandon C. Taylor. I’m a lifelong Detroiter. I eat super spicy pad thai any chance I get. I’m an obsessive fan of music. I keep Curren$y, Radiohead, Black Milk, Jon Brion, Jay Dee and Action Bronson in my playlist on the regular. I work as a legislative aide in the Michigan State House of Representatives. I live by the words of the big homie Pericles.

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

In my downtime I torture myself learning WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and other computer science related subject matter that any self-respecting political science graduate would just stay away from. With that, I run a freelance WordPress development shop, 556 Creative, with a couple buddies. And like every other tech savvy, entrepreneurial millennial, I’m working on a few startup ideas.

You’ll learn more about me from reading my notes rather than this semi-bland bio.

30 Minute Cram Session

Every other week I put together an email of three resources, be they articles, web sites, books or products, that stood out to me, in hopes that something may be useful for you. I try to design each email so that they can be absorbed in 30 minutes or less, hence the name. I promise not to spam your inbox, so sign up!